The question of how many children will be born in Hungary in the following years is crucial not only for our future. It is a global challenge that we must not ignore. The negative demographic trends in the developed world, the decrease in the number of births lead to several problems: the ratio of the active and the inactive is changing in a negative direction, the number of dependent people per active citizen is growing, endangering the sustainability of the social, medical and pension systems. Sustainable development requires a social policy in which demographic and family policy plays a key role. In order to stop negative demographic trends it is important to recognize and support families that raise children and develop targeted measures and regulations for improving their lives. Having recognized this, the Hungarian Government places a special emphasis on strengthening families and developing a family-friendly political approach and thinking. Our goal for Hungary is to become a “Family-friendly Country”. In order to reach this goal we wish to enter into cooperation with countries and organizations with similar values. It is a pleasure that Hungary has met with international recognition as a result of its family policy measures. This success provides an excellent basis for engaging in joint thinking and strengthening a family-friendly approach in our region and in farther areas as well.

May is the month of families in Hungary for several different reasons. On the first Sunday of May mothers are celebrated – the last marks the celebration of children. 15th of May has been a day about families for more than 20 years now in most countries of the world as UN has declared this day the International Day of Families in 1994.

Our international conference will also take place in this month. Between May 25 and 28 Budapest will welcome families, non-governmental organizations, professionals and politicians who agree that families are the future of nations and the world, and governments must take every effort to make this future as secure and predictable as possible.

Zoltán Balog
Minister of Human Capacities

Zoltán Balog
Ministry of Human Capacities

Katalin Novák
Minister of State for Family, Youth and International Affairs