Budapest Family Summit

Budapest Demographic Forum 2

Demography and Family – Making families strong again!

25 May 2017.

Venue: Budapest Congress Center

9:00 - 12:00 Event Opening

Opening and welcome speeches by the world’s leading politicians and public actors

12:00 - 13:00 Pro Familis award ceremony

Pro Familis award ceremony

13:00 - 14:30 Ministerial speeches

What makes government policy family friendly?

14:30 - 15:30 Section I.

Section 1 with the representatives of scientific life
Demographic challenges around the globe

15:30 - 16:30 Section II.

Section 2 with political decision makers, representatives
Analysis of the demographic situation from a political viewpoint

16:30 - 17:30 Section III.

Section 3 with representatives of civil organizations and churches
Large families are the key to our future, yet they are the minorit

17:30 - 18:30 Section IV.

Section 4/A with Philip G. Zimbardo, renowned psychologist

Interactive discussion with youths concerning the changing and permanent female and male roles, as well as their family founding decisions

Section 4/B

Demography Round Table extraordinary meeting
18:30 - 19:00 Closing speech

Participants will enjoy cultural segments between the panels.
Child supervision will be provided during the whole event.
We reserve the right to change programmes.
Taking part in programmes is subject to registration.

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